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Date: February 5-6 2022
Location: Miami, Florida
  • Change Your Habits
  • ​Realize Your Potential.
["OWN IT" METHOD]: The data-driven framework to optimize your productivity, manage stress, and take back control of your life.


February 5-6 2022
Miami, Florida
  • Change your habits
  • ​Realize your potential
["OWN IT" Method]: The data-driven framework to optimize your productivity, manage stress, and take back control of your life.

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What if you could have a life that is everything you have ever wanted?

A life where every decision feels like its an empowered choice, not something forced upon your will because of what society expects you to be. 

The Kings Council - Own Your Life events are designed to unlock your truest potential. Our programs are specifically designed to give you the blueprint and strategies you need to gain an edge in the most important areas of your life.

This isn't just an event - This is a program unlike any other.

You will walk away with the the tools needed to optimize your life and operate in daily excellence at your highest level.

This is not a program for the masses. This is customized and tailored to your wants and needs to take your life from good to great. 

"Who would benefit from coming to this event?"

✔️ Elite Entrepreneurs & business owners

✔️ High Achievers looking to hit the NEXT Level

✔️ Elite Athletes & Teams

✔️ Corporations & Business Teams

✔️ People looking to maximize their life

The "OWN IT" Method

is rooted in our 8 Controllables to help our clients realize how to live a higher performance life.





Self care

Immune Function



Are you ready to hit the next level in your life?

Come spend 2 days with the entire King's Council Coaching Staff!


Your Coaches

From a young age Justin has always been self-motivated to improve, developing the discipline and work ethic necessary to excel. At 13 years old his father said “son, talent will get you noticed but consistency will get you paid” and that set up his quest of founding Own It.

Over the last 20+ years Justin has worked with Stanley Cup Champions, NHL MVPs, Super Bowl Champions, Olympians, 8, 9, and 10 figure entrepreneurs and fortune 500 companies. After completing his MS in Sport Performance and Human Biology, Justin sought out post graduate work in functional medicine. He has worked as a Performance Director in the NHL & NCAA, and founded a private camp for professional hockey players focusing on healing them from the inside out. He is an Amazon best selling author for his books: Intent, Blueprint, and the Own It Manual. They focused on peak performance, human optimization, and applying data and testing to create personalized blueprints.

Justin’s knack for making the complex simple is among the best in the performance industry. Nobody takes the latest research on nutrition, training, and recovery, and packages it into digestible, systematic and applicable steps, particular within the Outer Energy team at Own It.
As CEO of Own It, Alyse comes with a wealth of experience after helping grow a billion dollar corporations in the retail industry, and most recently as an executive at Christian Louboutin. In her role at there, she built teams that consistently over-performed & contributed significant growth.

After working her way up the corporate structure she knew in her heart that she was an entrepreneur with a passion to change peoples’ lives. She went back to school and invested heavily into her own development and education to become an iPEC and ELI-MP certified coach, with thousands of hours of formal training. It led her to co-founding Own It and driving the development of the Inner Energy team. She is also certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

She has worked with 8, 9, and 10 figure entrepreneurs and has a God-given gift in helping people realize their potential. She possesses a calm leadership style that soothes everybody in the room. Her authenticity is infectious and she epitomizes the importance of building quality relationships with everybody she works with and is an integral part of building the Own It Coaching team.
Pratik Patel is a Sports Dietitian, Strength and Conditioning Coach, speaker, consultant to sports teams, and 1-on-1 coach to athletes and non-athletes of all ages. For the past 20 years, he has studied nutrition, fitness, recovery, and the interplay between these and optimal health and performance. He has spent the past 11 years implementing his knowledge with elite athletes, most recently as an Assistant Coach with the New York Giants as the Director of Performance Nutrition and Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach in charge of all things nutrition, hydration, supplementation, sleep, and recovery related to optimizing health and performance. During his career Patel has worked with athletes from the NFL, Pro Bowlers, NBA, PGA, and USATF Olympians.

Patel is a Registered Dietitian and board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).
Shauna has been training people for over 11 years using pilates and strength training to find the best version of themselves. Through training and research she has been able to help people find balance and confidence in their body as well as help to strengthen individuals from a more integrated system. With a background in Anatomy and Certified in Pilates, Pre and Post Natal Pilates and training in Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries, she is well rounded and able to meet people wherever they are in their training needs or health goals. 

Shauna works with clients to define individual health and lifestyle goals, whether it be to get in shape for skiing, a competitive race or regain movement and strength. 
When working with Shauna you will find her ability to listen and observe the body holistically as an invitation for better training. The encouragement and motivation you get from her while focusing on proper biomechanics and alignment helps clients gain strength and find better posture.


This Live Event 
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This Live Coaching Experience contains over $17,535 worth of coaching, content and prizes …


This Live Event 
Will Fill Up.

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This Live Coaching Experience contains over $10,000 worth of coaching, content and prizes …

Does this sound like you..?


You hear “you are trading your health for success”, but every action you have taken requires too much time, is too complex, and not personalized enough to your uniqueness.


You have reached significant levels of success. But you don’t accept the current version of yourself; there is so much more inside, and now it’s time to show up at a new level.


You know deep down that you have untapped potential and have a fear of not realizing those results.


You have always won with hard work and tenacity but everything requires your energy and thus has left you feeling like you can’t get to the next level with where you currently are.


You’re not content with where you are now, which is why the next level of life means so much for both yourself, your family, and your career!


You know you can have it all, but don’t know exactly how or what that looks like.

Yes? ----> This event is. for. you.

Event Details


Miami, Florida

Anatomy Coconut Grove
3363 Pan American Drive
Coconut Grove, FL 33133


** There are many hotels in the surrounding area that you can book your overnight stay at. **

Date & Time

February 5-6

Eat Good, Feel GREAT.

Straight from Master Chef, we're bringing in private chef Dan Churchill! 

Prepare to be delighted by the finest and healthiest meals to help you optimize your performance.


A Breakdown Of What You Can Expect At The Event:

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We will also be giving away some awesome prizes at the live event!

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